Search Engine Optimization: Four Simple Steps

Much time has passed since my last post!!! During the time, I completed an internship where I was able to put together all my search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge into a simple process and learn a few tricks here and there. So, let’s get started!

Starting with SEO is not a hard task, yet somewhat challenging. SEO, like any other marketing practices, has a process. In traditional marketing, you design the content, print it, market the content to the target audience and hope to get new leads that convert to new business. Same thing with SEO: you design a strategy, make changes in your website, market your website to your target audience and then hope to get new traffic to your site that will lead into new business. Sound simple, right?! Well here is the actual process using proper SEO language:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Onsite Optimization
  3. Offisite Optimization
  4. Measurement

Although there are only four simple steps, SEO is a never ending thing; and here is where the challenge begins. Like marketing in general, the day you stop your marketing efforts will be day you will probably see a decline in new business. The challenge of SEO is to always work on SEO!

In my post to come, I will explain each step in more detail. Stay Tuned!

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Cheap Small Business Marketing Ideas

So what if a business owner is starting their own company and does not have enough financial resources to have a marketing budget? Here are some cheap small business marketing ideas to get you started….

  1. Leave business card in locations your customers may visit
  2. Leave flyers in community boards, such as libraries, churches, or colleges
  3. Always, Always, Always wear some sort of uniform or clothing with your company name
  4. Put magnetic signs in your car and drive around where your future customers can see you
  5. Leave door hangers
  6. Cold call your future customers
  7. Use techniques from my earlier post to you Maximize Your Website
  8. Write a Press Release and distribute it online. See my Press Release Distribution post for more help
  9. Try Email Marketing to you current clients. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, IContact are all good companies that provide this service at no or nominal cost.
  10. Network, Network and More Network! This can by attending your local chamber of commerce, local BNI Groups, local networking groups, or professional groups.

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Press Release Distribution

In May, I discovered that writing press releases and distributing the press release through various free press releases websites helped increase SEO rankings. How could that be possible? As I mentioned in my last post, when writing a press release make sure to insert your website in the press release. Usually, members of press release websites read your press release and usually click on your website. So what is press release news worthy? Listed below are examples of worthy news releases:

  • Sponsoring a charity event.
  • Implementing/developing a new product that addresses a specific need.
  • Merging or partnering with another well-known business.
  • Gaining a contract with a large company.
  • Results of research you’ve carried out.
  • Awards and industry/community recognition

Now, you have your press released all type, so how do you spread it for FREE? Easy! Mashable provides a list of 20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites to get you started. Several of the press release distribution sites require registering. The first time distributing your press release will be time consuming; afterwards, the process is much faster.

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Maximizing Your Website

Let us say that by now you have done everything you can in your website. You have thought like the customer to generate keywords, improved all types of tags, followed all the do’s and don’ts about a website, and now WHAT? Leave it alone and let the world wide web do the work? NO!!!!

The next big thing is to create visitors to your website. So how is that done? Easy, through link backs by putting your website address in other websites; or everywhere not including the internet. Listed below are some quick examples:

  • List or claim your website in all free online search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, Yelp, Manta, and Local to name a few. (Free method)
  • Submit your website to major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Sign up with Social Media Websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, and make sure to put your website address in the profile. (Free method)
  • Write Press Releases and add your website to each press release.  (Free method)
  • Do Online Advertising, such as Pay Per Clicks through Google Ad Words, Yellow Pages,  or Super Pages. (Non-free method)
  • Print your website to EVERYTHING that leaves your office/home, whether invoices, checks, letters, brochures, packages, calendars,  pens, promotional stuff, or gifts.

In conclusion, put your website EVERYWHERE you can.

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Simple SEO Tricks

For the past year, I have been researching what SEO does and how to do it. This is what I figured out:

Good SEO helps a website have higher rankings in a search engine machine, like Google. So how or what does one do to have higher rankings? In this discussion I will talk about things you can do to your website.

  1. Find relative keywords to what your website offers. Think like the customer!
  2. Use those keywords in your Title Page Tag
  3. Use those words in your H1 Tags. H Tags are headings.
  4. Use those words in your URL.
  5. Use those words in your Description Meta Tag.
  6. Use those words throughout page page content.
  7. Use those words in your images, if you have any.

If you don’t understand some of this words, you will probably need a webmaster to help you update this information on the website.

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BMW Helps 2012 Olympics: Team USA

When I first saw this commercial, I thought “A German automaker is sponsoring Team USA in the 2012 Olympics! Where are the American cars?”

After thorough research, I realized that BMW’s advertisement effort was to raise money for Team USA. Pretty much, for every person that test drives a BMW, participating dealers will donate $10 to Team USA (full article). Pretty clever way of getting people to test drive their cars and possible increasing sales. In response to my first question, I also learned that BMW became the official 2012 Olympic Sponsor (full article). I guess the economy hasn’t been that bad for BMW as it has been in many American cars.

To answer the next questions. It seems that there are no American cars sponsoring Team USA, per their website. However, I did find that GM and NBC have teamed up so GM could broadcast exclusive auto advertising during the 2012 Olympics (full article). So now, we will see several BMW and GM advertisements during the 2012 Olympics.

The next question is: Will GM’s advertising lead to ambush marketing? Hopefully this will not be the case; and BMW will do their part in advertising during the 2012 London Olympic Games. Otherwise, BMW’s official sponsorship investment may not be an effective marketing technique.

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